Paul Nicholas Mason

The Discipline Committee

Set at an all-male private boarding school, The Discipline Committee follows three teachers as they question a student who has been accused of a heinous, violent act. Initially confident that the boy will confess easily, the teachers are horrified when the interview takes a sinister turn. Published in 1995 by Dramatic Publishing, The Discipline Committee has been performed in Canada, Ireland, and The United States.

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  1. Paul O’ Sullivan January 22, 2018

    Dear Mr. Mason,

    I saw your play some years ago, 1997, perhaps, in the Cork Arts Theatre, Cork, Ireland. It has, parts of it anyway, stayed with me to this day. I have tried to find the text but thus far has failed and would be very grateful if you could point me in the right direction.


    Paul O’ Sullivan
    Bristol, UK

    • Paul Nicholas Mason January 23, 2018 — Post author

      Dear Mr. O’Sullivan,

      How kind of you to write — and yes, it would have been 1996 or 1997, I think. And it’s at least possible I was in the audience the night you were there.

      I confess that I’m a little embarrassed by the play now, seeing it as a work of juvenilia (I would have been 26, I think, when I wrote it). But The Discipline Committee and Circles of Grace were both published by Dramatic Publishing of Woodstock, Illinois in the 1990s. I have just found Circles of Grace on their website, but TDC appears to have gone missing.

      If you are really interested in having a copy, and if Dramatic Publishing does not respond to a direct request, please feel free to write to me again. I don’t think I have an electronic file any longer, but I suspect that I can find a hard copy if I look hard enough.

      Warm best wishes,
      Paul Nicholas Mason

  2. Paul Nicholas Mason January 23, 2018 — Post author

    And if you’d sooner write to me directly, Paul, you can reach me at (Note the “n” between “paul” and “mason”. The other email address that appears on the site belongs to my son-in-law, Fernando, who created this website for me.

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